Days 7, 8 and 9 (Leenane – Drummin -> Drummin – Westport and return journey)

Unfortunately Benno didn’t feel better in the morning, but even worse, hiking further was no longer possible if one wanted to be reasonable. So we decided not to hike that day. Since we would have returned to the Convent B&B in Leenane today at the end of the day’s stage anyway, this was not a big organizational problem. We slept long and spent the day in the village with lots of tea, hot chocolate, a nap and everything else that could make you healthy 🙂

But since, as everyone knows, a cold lasts two weeks with a doctor and 14 days without a doctor, Benno was no better the next day. So we let the taxi driver Tony, who was supposed to drive us to the starting point of our tour, take us directly to Liscarney to our next B&B. It was the Moher House B&B and Marian, the hostess, was absolutely adorable and probably had the most pillows in any bed – it must have been over 10 😂

As we wanted to buy medicine for Benno we took a taxi to Westport and spent the whole day in this beautiful small town. On the way to a shopping mall we passed the Altamont B&B that we should move into the next day and a few steps further Paul and Lorraine just left another B&B.

We were very happy to see them again as we had no time to say goodbye the day before. We made up for that now and the hostess of the two was so friendly to invite us to her B&B. Later in the afternoon we met the two again in town and had a tea together and finally took a souvenir photo together in front of Christy’s Harvest, an incredibly good coffee shop with delicious baked goods.

Here are a few more pictures from Westport

Der Carrowbeg durchfließt Westport...
The Carrowbeg flows through Westport…
...und bietet tolle Ausblicke
…and offers great views
Ranken über Ranken
Tendrils above tendrils
Westports "Innenstadt"
Westports “downtown”
Blick über den Carrowbeg River
View over the Carrowbeg River
Benno, Lorraine, Paul und ich (v.r.n.l.)
Benno, Lorraine, Paul and I (from right to left)

The next day we drove to Westport and wasted our time until our train went to Dublin, arrived in Dublin we had a hard night at Dublin Airport, because our flight left very early the next morning. We flew back to Hamburg, wrecked and not well rested, and at the airport we drank the obligatory holiday farewell beer.

I hope you enjoyed the description and maybe you were able to gather some inspiration for a hiking holiday? Tell me in the comments!

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