Day 7: Inveroran – Kingshouse

Distance 14km – Hiking time: 4 – 6 hours – Altitude (↑) 330m

Today was the day – Rannoch Moor! According to Hillwalk Tours the most secluded and beautiful section of the West Higland Way.

After a very tasty breakfast, consisting of lots of tea, toast and porridge with fruits, we packed our things and set off with a freshly charged battery in the camera.

In the early morning fog we started over gravel roads and soon passed the Forest Lodge. The fog dissipated and gave us a breathtaking view of a beautiful heath landscape amidst majestic mountain peaks.

Today I just let the pictures speak, because I can’t describe it better than nature itself anyway.

Gespenstischer Frühnebel
Ghostly Early Fog
Die Forest Lodge - letzte Zivilisation vor dem Rannoch Moor
The Forest Lodge – last civilization before the Rannoch Moor
Baum im sich auflösenden Frühnebel
Tree in the dissolving early fog
Erste Heidelandschaft
First heath landscape
Stehende Gewässer...
Standing waters…
...und Bäche
…and streams
Und hinein ins Rannoch Moor
And into the Rannoch Moor
Bezaubernde Heidelandschaft...
Enchanting heath landscape…
...wohin man auch blickt...
…wherever you look…
...soweit das Auge reicht
…as far as the eye can see
Und im Hintergrund immer majestätische Berggipfel
And in the background always majestic mountain peaks
Viel viel Wasser
Lots of water
Pause am Bach
Break at the stream
Kleine Baumgruppen in der Heide
Small groups of trees in the heath
Fantastische Ausblicke
Fantastic views
Und fließendes Wasser...
And running water… dem erneut pausiert wird
…which is paused again
So unglaublich schön...
So incredibly beautiful… möchte einfach hierbleiben...
…you just want to stay here…
...und sich eine Blockhütte bauen
…and build themselves a log cabin

We were already grateful for our outrageous luck with the weather, but the great weather today was a blessing! The Rannoch Moor doesn’t offer a square meter of space to put it under, so when it rains and storms it certainly has its own charm, but one should only enjoy this charm with appropriate clothing.

At the end of the day’s stage, one walks into the Glencoe towards the Kingshouse Hotel. The hotel is beautifully situated directly by a stream and offers a view of the surrounding mountains of its peerless beauty.

I drank a beer in the “Hiker’s Bar” that was built in the back of the hotel and listened to some hunters tell their stories, but it sounded a lot like hunter Latin 😉

I’m afraid there was a little problem. My shins hurt again, like yesterday, and today it was worse. Our room had a bathtub so I decided to take a bath. As I would have liked a bath additive like Arnica or Dead Sea salt to calm the bones I took a taxi to the next (but still far away) village Glencoe. The only small shop in this tiny, sweet village actually had a bath additive and so I drove back to the Kingshouse Hotel with a bottle of mountain pine. The bathtub was great and I had the feeling that everything was a bit better.

Kingshouse Hotel
Kingshouse Hotel (Photo Credit: Gert-Jan de Jonge)
King's House Hotel Restaurant
King’s House Hotel Restaurant
Blick von Glencoe auf Loch Leven
View from Glencoe to Loch Leven
Haggis in Blätterteig
Haggis in puff pastry

In the evening we had dinner in the guest room of the hotel and I finally had the opportunity to try Haggis without ordering a full portion. There were haggis in the puff pastry as starters and what can I say – it tastes great! Now there’s definitely a full haggis left.

On the next page you can read how my legs felt one day later and why we counted on the devil on the day stage.

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