Day 6: Tyndrum – Inveroran

Distance 15km – Hiking time: 4 – 5 hours – Altitude (↑) 350m

Early in the morning we got up and were immediately asked by Heather about our breakfast wishes. Once again I enjoyed a Full Scotish Breakfast and my mom ordered trout. The big hit was that Heather said “trout still lasts a bit” and your husband came into the kitchen a little later…directly from fishing…with fresh trout. I was immediately jealous of the trout, but was allowed to try it and was thrilled! I have never tried a fresher trout before.

Strengthened by breakfast we set off with fresh courage. Today it should become more lonely and secluded according to travel description. The trail takes you into a gorge and you follow the West Highland Line all the way from Glasgow to Oban or Fort William.

Holzforellen verabschieden uns aus Tyndrum
Wood trout say goodbye to us from Tyndrum

When we left Tyndrum we saw some trout figures made of wood. Whether these were made by an artist or whether it is simple garden decoration could not be determined, but Tyndrum must be famous for his trout if you already put them in the garden 😉

Not far behind the village one is already in the middle of the green again and moves into the gorge. The green and brown of the landscape immediately cast a spell on us again and we walked along the trail in amazement. We crossed the railway line sometimes left and sometimes right of us a few times, sometimes through adventurous narrow tunnels.

Hinein in die grüne Bergschlucht
Into the green mountain gorge
Schotterweg durch einen sehr flachen Tunnel
Gravel road through a very flat tunnel
Die ersten freilaufenden Kühe auf unserer Wanderung
The first free-range cows on our hike

A cow! Suddenly she stood in front of us and looked at us with big eyes. I wonder if it’s a young highland cattle I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. The bulls can be recognized very quickly by their dissipated horns and long, fringed hair, but whether the cows have the same “hairstyle”? I will research it 🙂

At this point a request in the name of the farmers and animals: Do not feed any animals you meet on your walk! None at all! No way! If they are wild animals, they lose the ability to feed themselves in the long run. In the case of livestock, these special foods are used to and can spoil your stomach through your food, which can cause everything from diarrhea to death. So even if you have kids with you and it looks so cute…please, please, please don’t! If you want to follow these and other rules in nature, read my rules of conduct which are based on the principles of Leave no traace.

Der Weg folgt einem Nebenarm des River Orchy
The trail follows a tributary of the River Orchy
Das Wasser läuft überall
The water runs everywhere
Mama auf der Bridge of Orchy
Mama on the Bridge of Orchy

Thanks to the River Orchy and its various tributaries, the hiking day is again a pure water pleasure, everywhere it splashes and rushes and life fills every corner.

Much too fast we reached the Bridge of Orchy, but I have to admit that I was somewhat broken and my shins hurt a bit. But as today’s stage was only about 15 kilometres long I would have enough time to regenerate in the afternoon and evening.

The view from the Bridge of Orchy was spectacular and had something dramatic. These views make it easy to fall in love with Scotland.

Blick dem Fluss entlang in die Bergschlucht
View along the river into the mountain gorge
Die Brücke mit der Ortschaft im Hintergrund
The bridge with the village in the background

Behind the small village, which despite its small size has a railway station, it became a little more wooded than before. It went now also again easily uphill and forest and heathland mixed themselves to a landscape the one at lord of the rings and the Auenland let think…

Hinter Bridge of Orchy wurde es waldig
Behind Bridge of Orchy, it got wooded
Wald und Heidelandschaft in einem
Forest and heathland in one
Liebe Insekten, die Bar ist eröffnet
Dear insects, the bar is open

After leaving behind the mixture of forest and heath we reached Mam Carraig from where we had a magnificent view of Tulla Loch on the west bank of which was our destination for the day, the Inveroran Hotel.

Und der Baum so "I'm still standing yeah yeah yeah"
And the tree like “I’m still standing yeah yeah yeah”
Loch Tulla...
Loch Tulla… voller Pracht
…in all its glory
Ein kleiner Bach der das...
A little creek that…
...Inveroran Hotel...
…Inveroran Hotel…
...unter einer kleinen Brücke passiert
…happened under a little bridge

The Inveroran Hotel is located in the middle of nowhere and is therefore beautifully situated. We were very early and Mama wanted to walk around a little bit. Since my shins still hurt, I decided to lie down for 1 or 2 hours and regenerate.

In the evening we ate again very well and after a few pages of my book was for me Feierabend and I went to sleep.

On the next page you can read how Rannoch Moor treated us and how we should walk through it the next day.

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