Alster hiking trail


Alster hiking trail

Today was spontaneous to me after an extensive walk and since I love the splashing of water I decided to take the train to Poppenbüttel and follow the Alster from the Alstertal to the beginning of the Außenalster at the road Fernsicht. The more northern part of the Alster hiking trail from Kayhude to Poppenbüttel I already walked, as it looks like there you can read in Alster hiking trail II – Kayhude to Poppenbüttel.…

Alster hiking trail II

Today the Alster hiking trail had to be used again for a long Sunday walk. This time it should be the northern section from Kayhude to Poppenbüttel. After I missed a big sight at my first section from Poppenbüttel to Jungfernstieg – namely the castle Henneberg or rather its replica – I definitely wanted to see it at the new route. Alster hiking trail from Kayhude: off you go So I took the train to…