Salisbury – Second attempt

Since we slowly felt melancholy at dinner, because the next day would be the last holiday day before the departure day, we became again particularly aware how unfortunate it is that we could not really visit Stonehenge. We all printed around a little bit until someone suggested “Don’t we want to go back to Salisbury tomorrow morning and have a look? We all agree right now!

So we looked for all the necessary connections to see if it was feasible in one day and that was it. We reserved a room in Salisbury in the Cat Tavern where we had already left our luggage for storage during our last visit.

By train we went early to Salisbury where we first stowed our suitcases in the rooms and armed only with camera and snacks we went to the station, where we wanted to take a taxi to Stonehenge. The taxi driver told us to pick us up again and we arranged to meet again in front of the Stonehenge visitor centre at 4 pm.

The exhibition in the visitor centre discusses, as far as known, the historical background of Stonehenge and makes assumptions about the purpose of the complex. I liked the fact that the topic is really dealt with scientifically and it is not simply claimed that one knows what the plant is used for, because that is still not the case today.

There is also a virtual stone circle in the visitor centre, which is a round room with projectors in the middle. The projectors project the stone circle onto the surrounding walls in such a way that you think you are standing inside them. One then goes through animations of the seasons and can imagine what it is like to stand in a circle in winter with snow or at the summer solstice. The whole performance is also acoustically well accompanied – really impressive!

After we had seen enough of the exhibition we made our way to the actual stone circle, which is about one kilometer away from the stone circle. The stone circle is of course fenced in and you can’t move between the stones, but there is a circular path in direct proximity around the stone circle, so that you can take good photos – but you hardly have the chance to take a photo without other tourists. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

To show not only the stone circle, but also to appreciate the beautiful surroundings, here is a photo of the landscape around Stonehenge ?

Landschaft um Stonehenge
Landscape around Stonehenge

As it slowly approached 16 o’clock we made our way to the meeting point with our taxi driver. He was also waiting in the taxi so that we could start right away. Back in Salisbury we had a very good dinner and drank a few beers at the Cat Tavern. Afterwards we packed our suitcases as far as we could in order not to lose any time the next day.

Goodbye England

The next morning we took the train back to London and then to Heathrow where we caught our plane on time. Two hours later we were back safe and sound in Hamburg.

Did you like the travel description or do you have any suggestions for improvement for me? Have you had some nice days in Great Britain and some tips for me and others? Then leave a comment!

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