About DirtyPath


Since you seem to be interested in what DirtyPath is all about, and maybe how the name came about, I would be happy to write a few words about it.

My name is Rolf, I am 38 39 40, come from beautiful Hamburg and my family roots are in Dithmarschen – a region of Schleswig-Holstein between North Sea, Eider, Elbe and Kiel Canal.

Nature has already inspired me in my childhood with grandma and grandpa, as a big city inhabitant unfortunately now and then it gets lost and also with me the desire for nature slumbered for a long time under the surface. Decisive for the recollection (I like to call it dramatically “The Awakening” 😉 ) was a round trip through England, Wales and Scotland which I made in 2014 with my girlfriend and my mother.

First we were in London and Bristol, then we landed in “Talybont on usk” in Wales and from there we took the train to Edinburgh. From Edinburgh we made an incredibly touristy bus tour through the Scottish Highlands and during a rest on a parking lot with 10 buses full of tourists I was overcome by the thought “Grab an axe, go into the forest and build a log cabin”

It was a bit like turning on light in my head, from that moment on I was crazy for wind in my hair, rain on my face a stick in my hand and dirt under my hiking boots and this lust? Addiction? has been going on ever since. I have to admit, however, that I am not only a lover of nature, but also a great friend of equipment and material, and the Globetrotter employees I trust can feel greeted with love – many thanks for untiring advice and patience! 🙂

How the round trip went you can read in my travel description, under trips you can also find an overview of my other hiking trips to which there is of course also a report in each case.

The name of the website comes from my favorite quote from John Muir which translates as “Make sure that of all the ways you go in life, some are dirty”.

And why do I blog about my hikes, trips and some other personal topics?

For me, the blog is a kind of diary in which I read from time to time and can indulge in memories. For you the blog should be a source of inspiration for hiking trips and trips. Should I come across useful tips and tricks that make life easier and/or more pleasant, I will of course share them with you!

When writing my articles, I adhere to certain rules, so-called self-obligations. The self-commitment is the Outdoor Blogger Codex. Click on the logo to learn more about the rules of the Codex.

To keep you up to date you can not only find me here, but also at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Have fun browsing, I’m always looking forward to feedback!

Many greetings