The Boberger Niederung – hiking for in between

Already Sunday and I haven’t done a hike this week?

Actually not so wild, but next week Friday my best friend gets married, so hiking the next weekend will be flat. As best man, I’m probably fully committed to Friday and Saturday and Sunday is then pretty sure recovery (Gammeln!) announced ?

So hop off the couch, put on your hiking gear and off we go! Even if the weather wasn’t so great, it was at least dry and if that should change, I always have rain gear with me.

Because I wasn’t there for a long time I decided to walk through the Boberger Niederung (Wikipedia) again and have a look at the lake and the dunes. So I got on the train and drove to the station „Mittlerer Landweg“. After leaving the station and turning left, you pass the first meadows and land after about 500 meters, directly behind a roundabout in the Boberger Niederung.

Pferde direkt am Mittleren Landweg
Horses directly on the Mittlerer Landweg
Brücke über die Bille am Eingang zur Boberger Niederung
Bridge over the Bille at the entrance to Boberger Niederung

Arrived in the lowland, you could see the paths on the spot where it had rained a lot during the last days. Some narrow paths were already quite muddy, but if you don’t like a bit of muddy paths, you shouldn’t have to go hiking and with good footwear a bit of mud is no problem.

Meanwhile it looked like it could start raining again every minute, the ways I had all for me and I like rough weather and a bit of wind around my ears anyway ?

Every time I’m enthusiastic about meadows with corn or long grasses that wave in the wind like the sea, there’s something surreal about them.

Auch wenn es ziemlich windig wird...
Even if it gets quite windy…
...auf den bewachsenen Wegen ist man ziemlich geschützt...
…on the overgrown paths one is quite protected…
...und die nächste Baumreihe ist nie weit entfernt
…and the next row of trees is never far away

Rare plants, animals and an inland dune

Those who don’t know the Boberger lowlands have missed something and should catch up! It is a 350 hectare area that has been protected since 1991. Located in the middle of Hamburg, it contains two natural monuments, the Boberger Düne and the Achtermoor. The Boberger Düne is an inland dune and a popular excursion destination in Hamburg, in summer it can get very crowded here.

The Boberger Niederung is one of Hamburg’s most species-rich nature reserves, and the diversity of animals living in the sand is probably one of the decisive factors here. Many of the plant species that grow here – including five orchid species – are on the red list and some of them are only found here.

The first part of the hike leads through meadows and woods and is mainly green.

Saftig grüne Wiesen und Wälder
Lush green meadows and forests
Erste sandige Ausläufer der Düne
First sandy foothills of the dune
Und erstes Heidekraut
And first heather

Gradually, however, the paths become sandier halfway through the hike and heather spreads out. In order not to disturb the animals in the sand and heath landscape, the open spaces are fenced in, please stick to these barriers and do not run across country, we want to preserve this wonderful spot of nature for generations to come.

Once in the right dune, it is advisable to either walk along the edge or take off your shoes and socks and feel the sand with your bare feet.

Pfade führen durch die Heide
Paths lead through the heath
Und langsam Richtung Düne
And slowly towards the dune
Bis man mitten drin steht
Until you’re in the middle of it

From the dune you can also see the gliding airfield in the middle of the nature reserve, in good weather you can watch the silent gliding of the gliders lying in the dune.

If one leaves the dune behind in the direction of Lake Boberger See, the paths become more wooded again, but the sandy ground remains a constant companion for the time being.

Wundervolle Naturpfade geleiten einen in Richtung See
Wonderful nature trails lead you towards the lake
Sand der Düne, Heidekraut und Wald vereint
Sand of the dune, heather and forest united

Break time

Arriving at the lake is the ideal opportunity for a break! Since it was not really warm I had hot broth and some nuts for the fast energy. First I thought I could spot a swan or something on the other bank. While I was enjoying my break it quickly became clear that an elderly lady was swimming through the whole lake. Really a mature performance in this weather. In summer, the freely accessible bathing areas can be very crowded. But you can always find a spot around the whole lake where you have enough space and peace and where only a thin strip of bushes separates you from the cool water.

Stahlgraues Wasser und ein einsamer Schwan
Steel grey water and a lonely swan
Einer von vielen Plätzen längs des Seeufers mit "privatem Zugang" zum See
One of many places along the lake shore with „private access“ to the lake

As it started to rain more heavily I had to put on my rain gear and watch that I made progress. The loop around the lake and back to the starting point of the hike is initially wooded, but is soon replaced by a beaten path along the Bille. You change river sides a few times and pass horses and an opportunity for coffee & cake before the trail returns to the first turnoff of the day. Here, where the first bridge over the Bille is crossed, you have the opportunity to pick blackberries. Provided that the season and the hikers who have been there before allow this ?

Die Wege sind von Wald und Feldern begleitet
The paths are accompanied by woods and fields
Eis, Kaffee & Kuchen und zur Not bestimmt auch ein kaltes Bier
Ice cream, coffee & cake and, if necessary, a cold beer
Zum Abschluss nochmal Pferde
Finally horses again
Und schon ist man am Ausgangspunkt
And you’re already at the starting point

Do you also like hiking in the Boberger Niederung? Didn’t I see your favorite spot?
Tell me about it in the comments!

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