Today was spontaneous to me after an extensive walk and since I love the splashing of water I decided to take the train to Poppenbüttel and follow the Alster from the Alstertal to the beginning of the Außenalster at the road Fernsicht. The more northern part of the Alster hiking trail from Kayhude to Poppenbüttel I already walked, as it looks like there you can read in Alster hiking trail II – Kayhude to Poppenbüttel.

It didn’t look like rain, but I packed rain trousers and jacket, because on the one hand you can’t trust Hamburg and on the other hand the weather app told me there might be something else. On the rain gear came water, muesli bars, an apple and the obligatory thermos flask with vegetable broth and off we went.

From Poppenbüttel railway station it is only about 5 minutes to Grotenbleken and Kritenbarg to land in the middle of the green and at the Alster.

At Poppenbüttel the Alstertal is still quite hilly by Hamburg standards and on warm days you can already sweat a lot if you take the side roads instead of following the main route at ground level. I already had a picnic here with a friend, there are great places for it every few meters.

Hügeliges Alstertal. Hamburg sprechen schon von Bergen ;-)
Hilly Alster valley. Hamburgers are already talking about mountains 😉

Right from the start, the Alster accompanies you through the green and wild Alster valley. Just that not everything looks as ordered by the gardener makes up the wild romantic charm of the valley, nature itself can still do it best. On this very flat, quiet and beautifully situated section of the Alster, you will often meet Standup paddlers in recent years who take the walk in their very own way. By the way, I urgently have to try it out (entry on Todo list…check!).

Bruchholz wird nicht beseitigt, sondern bleibt Teil des Ökosystems
Broken wood is not removed, but remains part of the ecosystem

For one Monday there was a lot going on on the trail, who has a problem with dogs is quite often confronted with his fear on this trail and experience shows that not all dog owners are so considerate and leash your dogs. I didn?t have any problems with that, but I also have no problem with dogs ?

Everywhere it splashes, rustles and beeps from bushes, trees and bushes, no matter whether they are on land or in the water.

...und Bäume als Biotop
…and trees as a biotope

Two and a half kilometres after the start in Poppenbüttel one should pay attention not to miss the turn-off to the left to the gate house of the Wellingsbüttel estate. On the one hand, the gatehouse with its half-timbered structure, built in 1757, is worth a visit and a photo, on the other hand, the Alstertal Museum has been located in its left wing since 1957.

TIPP | Alstertal Museum

The museum exhibits folkloristic exhibits and farm tools of the region.
The exhibition also documents the history of Wellingsbüttel, Hummelsbüttel and Poppenbüttel with illustrations, drawings, photographs and maps. The history of cargo shipping on the Oberalster and the former narrow-gauge railway between Wohldorf and Alt-Rahlstedt is also presented.

The museum is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 5 pm. However, individual appointments can also be arranged.

Admission to the museum is free of charge.


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Wellingsbüttler Way 75a
22391 Hamburg040
Torhaus der Gutsanlage Wellingsbüttel (Alstertal Museum)
Gate house of the Wellingsbüttel estate (Alstertal Museum)

Since I already know the museum (it’s worth it!) and it was closed anyway, I continued my way along the Alster. It drizzled a few times in the meantime, so that I always had the rain jacket ready to hand and put it on a few times.

After another two kilometres I found something at the roadside that you don’t see every day. No, not a rare animal, any traces or anything natural but a bank! A hiking bench like the sign showed them, with the vague threat of not standing at the same spot tomorrow.

I quickly poured in a cup of broth and peeled an apple, because if you can find a rare bench, you should sit on it.

Ein seltenes Exemplar der Gattung "Wanderbank"
A rare specimen of the genus „Wanderbank“

We continued through the beautiful Teetzpark! Although one is already in the middle of Hamburg, a city of millions, one hardly notices it. The greenery around you makes you almost forget the city, only the traffic noises, which the trees and bushes can’t quite dampen, remind you of it.

Shortly after the Teetzpark, the first houses appear on the other side of the Alster, beautifully situated with direct access to the water. Actually an impertinence that areas with access to the (public) Alster may be privately owned. If it were up to me, the owners would be partially expropriated, so that one has a green strip and a cycle and or footpath everywhere at this and other waters to which everyone has access.

Geld macht den Unterschied wo man wohnt
Money makes the difference where you live

I went on for about half an hour, but unfortunately the hiking path became more and more „urban“, the underground was meanwhile asphalted and I don’t like to walk on it. Besides, the streets were getting denser and denser and so the noise increased.

When I arrived at a lock, it was finally over, because from here on I was supposed to walk along the road. I walked a few meters back and drank a tea and ate some cake at Café Luise in the Erdlkampsweg – mad cake!

Since it was raining again I stopped the tour at this point. If the weather is good, you can choose a route through the Ohlsdorf cemetery as an alternative to the rest of the way up to the Jungfernstieg, where you will at least have peace and quiet!

Do you also have experience with the Alster hiking trail? Would you have walked on?
Tell me in the comments!

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