It’s time again to report about my progress as a non-smoker and 300 days are a good occasion for that I think 🙂

As I already reported at my start and after the first 30 days, I quit smoking successfully. I can’t put into words how much better I am and how it feels not to be dependent on this crap anymore. And that’s exactly why I’m not even trying.

Last time I wrote that after the first 10 horror days were over, it went on for 20 days without any problems. I only thought of cigarettes from time to time without feeling a particularly great desire.

I am grateful and glad to report that this was still the case! The thought of cigarettes has completely disappeared. Besides, there were no more weak moments and it is now completely incomprehensible to me how I could ever be so dependent on cigarettes.

What do we do now?

15 January 2018 is the first anniversary of my non-smoking life and I will take that as an opportunity to recapitulate and find a few final words. Afterwards, I will post some articles about it, because the problemlessness with which the non-smoking is organized doesn’t justify any.

For me, after 22 years of dependence, non-smoking is now finally a self-image again and as normal as it should be for everyone.

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